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Make Friends With Your Back

As a healthy (so I thought) and capable young man it was SCARY to consider my future.

What Is The Value Of Exercise?

The short answer is...that the value is beyond measure. The long answer has filled mountains of books, blogs, magazines and seminars. I would like to share a few brief observations from my 10+ years as a chiropractor and lifetime of activity.

Why Do I Adjust Kids?

I adjust babies because neck strain during delivery is common and can prevent proper nursing in the first critical days.

3 Things that May Surprise You About Chiropractic

Chiropractic is not just for back pain.  The pain relief comes from taking pressure and tension off of spinal nerves.  This also causes an improvement to the overall performance of the nerves which leads to a lot of really good things happening in your body.  The nervous system is your communication system so when it works better your whole body benefits.  

A Chiropractic Perspective on our Pandemic

As a chiropractor, I see health differently.  For any given disease exposure, a wide variety of symptoms can occur.