Why Do I Adjust Kids?

Because kids are awesome and with chiropractic care they can be even awesomer!

September 22, 2016 · children, chiropractic, natural health

Why do I adjust kids?

I adjust babies because neck strain during delivery is common and can prevent proper nursing in the first critical days.

I adjust toddlers because they fall down 50 times a day and sleep in positions that are beyond awkward.

I adjust grade schoolers because their quickly growing bodies are stuck sitting in school way too many hours each day.

I adjust tweens to actively reduce the development of scoliosis.

I adjust youth athletes to reduce the repetitive strain on their frame.

I adjust teens because they are growing like crazy, stressed to the max, likely malnourished, often sleep-deprived and are making decisions that will have lifelong consequences.

I adjust the young so that their nervous system is nurtured as they develop. When the demands placed upon them increase, they will be able to process, adapt and thrive.

I adjust the young so that they can learn early that drugs are not healthy and that their bodies are wise and powerful.

I adjust the young because it took me twenty years to get my first chiropractic adjustment and I wish it had happened on day #1.