Make Friends With Your Back

Step 1: Find Chiropractic
Step 2: Age backwards
November 25, 2014

AT THE AGE OF 22, I COULD NOT GET OFF THE FLOOR due to severe back spasms. This happened several times. Even when I was able to get around I was either in SEVERE PAIN or afraid that I was on the edge of another episode.

As a healthy (so I thought) and capable young man it was SCARY to consider my future. "Will I be able to work a normal job?... play with my future children?... live a full active life?" If someone had promised me a restoration of body and freedom from pain; I would have paid a million dollars. What is the value of a life free from pain and disability?!


I found chiropractic. Or it found me. Basically, I was given hope. It didn't take long for me to change my educational track in preparation for chiropractic college. It has been 16 years since my first adjustment. My back and I are friends again and have been for many years. Mountain climbing, triathlons, obstacle races, crossfit and LOTS of wrestling with my kids have replaced my pain and spinal chaos.

I HAVE FOUND A FEW TREASURES in my life for which I am DEEPLY GRATEFUL. The gospel. My wife. And CHIROPRACTIC- a profession that allows me to share hope and life as it was shared with me years ago.

- Dr. Roger Barnick