3 Things that May Surprise You About Chiropractic

  1. Chiropractic is not just for back pain.  The pain relief comes from taking pressure and tension off of spinal nerves.  This also causes an improvement to the overall performance of the nerves which leads to a lot of really good things happening in your body.  The nervous system is your communication system so when it works better your whole body benefits.  

  2. Babies benefit from chiropractic.  Upon birth, the hospital doctors and nurses check the major systems of the body- eyes, ears, heart, digestion etc but there is something getting skipped… the spine.  This fragile and vital structure is exposed to significant strain during labor and delivery. An experienced chiropractor can check for injury. Problems in the spine can cause colic, difficulty nursing, weak swallowing reflex, constipation, repeated ear infections and even breathing difficulty.  Gentle chiropractic assessment and adjustments make sense for the very young.

  3. Chiropractic is quite affordable.  A routine visit costs $40-$70 in most chiropractic offices (we charge $50) so even though a series of visits is required to resolve most problems, it is still much less expensive than your typical medical visit.  Most insurance companies include chiropractic benefits which can further reduce your cost.  We are in-network with most insurance companies.