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A Chiropractic Perspective on our Pandemic

As a chiropractor, I see health differently.  For any given disease exposure, a wide variety of symptoms can occur.  This is true for everything from sea sickness to food poisoning to the common cold to COVID-19.  This is NOT due to bad luck or bad genes.  The health of the individual determines the severity of the illness.  

It is wise to reduce our exposure to ‘germs’ but it is also very wise to actively build our resilience.  Most pathogens are no match for a healthy host.  Good nutrition, ambitious exercise and chiropractic care will help contribute to your overall quality (and length) of life and will also give you real protection from viral infections such as COVID-19.

-Roger Barnick, DC 

3 Things that May Surprise You About Chiropractic

Roger Barnick, DC

1.  Chiropractic is not just for back pain.  The pain relief comes from taking pressure and tension off of spinal nerves.  This also causes an improvement to the overall performance of the nerves which leads to a lot of really good things happening in your body.  The nervous system is your communication system so when it works better your whole body benefits.  

2.  Babies benefit from chiropractic.  Upon birth, the hospital doctors and nurses check the major systems of the body- eyes, ears, heart, digestion etc but there is something getting skipped… the spine.  This fragile and vital structure is exposed to significant strain during labor and delivery. An experienced chiropractor can check for injury. Problems in the spine can cause colic, difficulty nursing, weak swallowing reflex, constipation, repeated ear infections and even breathing difficulty.  Gentle chiropractic assessment and adjustments make sense for the very young.

 3.  Chiropractic is quite affordable.  A routine visit costs $40-$70 in most chiropractic offices (we charge $50) so even though a series of visits is required to resolve most problems, it is still much less expensive than your typical medical visit.  Most insurance companies include chiropractic benefits which can further reduce your cost.  We are in-network with most insurance companies.

Why Do I Adjust Kids?
Because kids are awesome and with chiropractic care they can be even awesomer!
September 22, 2016 · children, chiropractic, natural health

Why do I adjust kids?

I adjust babies because neck strain during delivery is common and can prevent proper nursing in the first critical days.

I adjust toddlers because they fall down 50 times a day and sleep in positions that are beyond awkward.

I adjust grade schoolers because their quickly growing bodies are stuck sitting in school way too many hours each day.

I adjust tweens to actively reduce the development of scoliosis.

I adjust youth athletes to reduce the repetitive strain on their frame.

I adjust teens because they are growing like crazy, stressed to the max, likely malnourished, often sleep-deprived and are making decisions that will have lifelong consequences.

I adjust the young so that their nervous system is nurtured as they develop. When the demands placed upon them increase, they will be able to process, adapt and thrive.

I adjust the young so that they can learn early that drugs are not healthy and that their bodies are wise and powerful.

I adjust the young because it took me twenty years to get my first chiropractic adjustment and I wish it had happened on day #1.


What Is The Value Of Exercise?
Here's what I have noticed
February 10, 2015

Kid holding ball and smiling

What is the value of exercise?

The short answer is...that the value is beyond measure.
The long answer has filled mountains of books, blogs, magazines and seminars. I would like to share a few brief observations from my 10+ years as a chiropractor and lifetime of activity.

1. Kids PLAY. Grown-up EXCERCISE. We would do well to take their lead and seek out physical activity that is fun and exciting that we are naturally drawn towards. Yes, some activities are more friendly towards the body than others, but the angst of forcing yourself to do something you can't stand will offset much of the benefits of that activity. 

If I have patient that is 60 years old, complains of neck pain and headaches and is an enthusiastic boxer, then we have a conversation. If he tells me that it is boxing or nothing for him then I say let's help you keep boxing. 98% of the time doing something, anything is better than doing nothing.

2. Our bodies like variety. Our brains love variety. When we eat the same meal every day it loses it's appeal. The same is true for exercise. Runners need yoga. Lifters need to swim. Rock climbers need tai chi. You get the idea.

3. We do well when we have a REASON. "Because I should" does not count as a reason. Here's a few reasons that may interest you. These are a little academic. Your reason might be more like "So I can hike with my grandkids" or "So I can tour Cambodia."

4. Our bodies are a gift. Visit a nursing home. Walk through the place and observe. Look, listen and smell what it is like to lose our physical function. Do you think that any of those individuals would see it as a chore to go for a long brisk walk in the sunshine? Have you ever been on the floor, unable to get up due to pain, sickness or spinal injury? It is scary. If you can move, you should move. You may be frankly surprised by how dramatically your body responds to a challenge.

5. If you take a wild animal and put them in the zoo they get sick. Are you living in a zoo? Can you get a little more wild? Would you be less sick? Yes. Yes. And Yes.

6. Poise. Grace. Physical Presence. Athletes and dancers have these qualities. It can be hard to describe, but when you see it, it is clear that this is the way that we are meant to move. Have you ever seen someone REALLY move well? Observe.

7. Movement replaces pain. When we move more we hurt less.

8. Life is hard. We should train for it. Something is going to come at you out of the blue that it would serve you well to get a little more ready for. This might be an injury, a pregnancy, a new job, an opportunity for exotic travel. Life is full of surprises. Building fitness is a great way to be more prepared for almost anything.

Life is meant to be lived. I can think of very few better ways to age backwards and enrich your life than to establish or elevate your fitness.

Dr. Roger on top of mountain

Make Friends With Your Back
Step 1: Find Chiropractic
Step 2: Age backwards
November 25, 2014

AT THE AGE OF 22, I COULD NOT GET OFF THE FLOOR due to severe back spasms. This happened several times. Even when I was able to get around I was either in SEVERE PAIN or afraid that I was on the edge of another episode.

As a healthy (so I thought) and capable young man it was SCARY to consider my future. "Will I be able to work a normal job?... play with my future children?... live a full active life?" If someone had promised me a restoration of body and freedom from pain; I would have paid a million dollars. What is the value of a life free from pain and disability?!


I found chiropractic. Or it found me. Basically, I was given hope. It didn't take long for me to change my educational track in preparation for chiropractic college. It has been 16 years since my first adjustment. My back and I are friends again and have been for many years. Mountain climbing, triathlons, obstacle races, crossfit and LOTS of wrestling with my kids have replaced my pain and spinal chaos.

I HAVE FOUND A FEW TREASURES in my life for which I am DEEPLY GRATEFUL. The gospel. My wife. And CHIROPRACTIC- a profession that allows me to share hope and life as it was shared with me years ago.

- Dr. Roger Barnick

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